Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bones Creek

There is absolutely nothing to do where I live. Nothing. I'm basically about 2 hours away from everything, from the beach, from the city, from the mountains. Which means going to any of these places requires planning, a car, gas money, and time to drive back and forth. And it's kind of hard to plan all that out when you wake up at 11 in the morning and don't actually get up until 12. So yesterday, after my brother and I had sat around the house all morning bored out of our minds, I finally looked up places to go hiking around my town. I found a place that was only 15 minutes away from our house and even though the trail wasn't very long or glamorous it was still nice to be outside and spend some quality time with my brother. The trail ran alongside a large creek, which we found would be perfect for kayaking in later this summer. My brother and I took turns taking pictures with my camera, but it was hard to get any really good ones because it was cloudy and all the plants are still dead from the winter. I amped up the vibrance on these, and edited some a bit to make our short hike look a little bit more aesthetically pleasing than it was.😊

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