Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mountain Sound

Greetings from the mountains! I have just arrived in Colorado Springs, where I will be spending ten days with one of my best friends from high school, hiking, adventuring, and sightseeing as much as I possibly can while I'm here. I was here last summer as well so I hope to see some new things, as well as maybe take a visit to some favorite spots from my last trip too.

On my first day my friend had his summer class so I went hiking with his mom at Cheyenne Mountain. We took a 2-mile trail that took us to the top and provided a stunning view of the surrounding mountains and Colorado Springs. It was absolutely breathtaking to see the sloping hills and crests of the mountains. Where I live in North Carolina it is mostly flat all around and all that you can see in the distance are fast food restaurants, gas stations, and pine trees. I liked this view a lot better! It led me to wonder what my town would look like without all the buildings and houses. I wish there was a way for me to go back in time and see.

After the hike to the top we drove up the mountain to another trail at Helen Hunt Falls. I love waterfalls so this trail was very exciting for me! The trail started at the base of the falls and worked its way up to the top, although the hike was only about a mile. On the way we got some more great views of the mountains, and of course the top of the waterfall was very beautiful as well. Overall, it was a great way to start my trip here in Colorado, providing me with panoramic views of where I was staying and giving me glimpses of where I would be next. I hope these photos will encourage you to spend a little bit of time outside with nature as well!

My flight over was mostly bare green fields and long country roads. 

Cheyenne Mountain

Views from the top of the trail

Helen Hunt Falls

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