Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer Haze

I have been home from New York for over a week now and I am thoroughly bored. You notice just how small your town is when you come back from a huge city like New York. It seems that now there  are ten times less things to do, see, and eat. I miss being surrounded by skyscrapers and even the loud honking noises outside the window that eventually became a sort of lullaby that put me to sleep. And, of course, I miss my friends. Since I've been home other than reminiscing I have been setting myself up for this coming school year, scrapbooking, daydreaming of New York City, blogging, reading, daydreaming of New York City, tanning, swimming, and did I mention daydreaming of New York City? I know, I need to move on. Or go back.

Anyways, today was another lazy summer day for me, sitting out by the pool and soaking up some rays. I am both happy and sad that I have nothing to do. Happy because, well, I don't have to do anything, but sad because I get very bored and unmotivated and negative when there's nothing planned out for me each day. Fortunately, I will be going to Colorado in a couple weeks (!!!) and I have orientation on the 26th. Until then I will continue to blissfully relax by the pool, increase my risk of skin disease, and daydream of traveling to faraway places...

These pics were taken this morning in my backyard while I was lazily enjoying breakfast and iced coffee by the pool in my backyard. (Perfection). My pool is surrounded by a wooden fence draped in ivy, which made for a lovely backdrop for these photos. I'm wearing a new tribal halter top I got from Forever 21 which I am in love with, and would be perfect for a festival! Now all I need is the tickets (:

Breakfast parfait with vanilla yogurt, fresh peaches, blueberries, crushed pecans, honey, & cinnamon

Freckles :)

Bringin' pigtail braids back

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