Friday, August 8, 2014


First things first, I am no model, although I did dream of becoming one in middle school when I would watch America's Next Top Model pretty much every Saturday. However I'm really not fit to be the model type. I'm short, have a big nose, and to me it seems that my body is very disproportional. And I love to smile. Way too much to be one of those serious models you see posing for Chanel handbags and perfumes. But of course if I was given the chance to become a model I would totally go for it. (;

These are some pictures my sister took of me today by the lake down the street from our house. You can't tell in these pictures, but the water was actually this disgusting green color. I would not advise swimming in it. But the pictures turned out good enough. I love to play to with filters so all of these pictures are filtered, which is why my hair looks a different color in every single one. However I will include a picture of myself, unfiltered, so you can see what my hair actually looks like.

In these pics I am wearing a white blouse, my new denim high-waisted shorts from forever 21, combat boots from Pacsun, and a kimono from Charlotte Russe. I am absolutely IN LOVE with kimonos right now. They are so fun and flowy and they instantly amp up any outfit. I'm hoping to get some more, in different patterns and colors, so I can wear them all the time. (: Enjoy the pics!

Natural hair color. No filter!

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